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ViperClip is a patented, fully insulated cable staple which works with our specially designed, battery powered stapler to secure cables to wooden joists and structures.

It is the first product to market by Grays Clip Limited.

No more hammering needed, simply load our strip of 20 clips into the stapler and press the button. Quick, easy and safe! Suitable for use on both 110v and 240v cables.

Like our clips, our stapler has been designed by an electrician for an electrician. This tool is made to fit between joists and into awkward spaces. It’s compact, well balanced and light, ensuring ease of use when being used repeatedly overhead. We know that trade users want reliability and value for money, so we have used high quality parts.

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At least 5 times faster than using a cable clip with a hammer and nail. Strips of staples store easily in your pocket for quick reload of the gun.


Now the 3-handed operation can be done with 2! Simply hold the cable with one hand and fire the staple gun with the other. Easy!


Shaped to fit over each cable, the fully insulated clip protects and secures the cable. No need to set down the stapler between clips so no more dropped hammers or sore thumbs!

ViperClip Secures Investment

“I’ve waited over 20 years for a product like this to come onto the market. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to make it myself.”

David Gray, Inventor of ViperClip

As an apprentice electrician I hammered in a lot of cable clips. I became aware of other products which made my job easier, such as the Scrulux Screw and the battery powered driver and I wondered why I couldn’t find an insulated staple to secure the cables instead of hammering each clip in one by one. As each year passed I looked for this type of staple in the wholesalers and was always disappointed not to find it.

When I met my wife, Julie, she offered to help me create the product I’d had in my head for so many years. Together we’ve developed this patented, fully insulated cable clip which can be applied with a battery powered stapler.

At the moment the product is being developed and will hopefully be on the market soon.



ViperClips are made in strips of 20 clips which are fired from a battery powered stapler.


The sturdy design of the clips mean they fit together like a glove so it’s easy to store 200 clips comfortably in work trouser pockets.

​With the battery stapler, a simple press of the button fires the clip over the cable.


The clips are made completely from non conductive material. They are moulded specifically to fit the shape of the cable which means they hold the cable perfectly.



Compared to using a single clip with a hammer and nail, these clips are at least 5 times faster to use with the battery stapler.


No more fishing around in pockets for individual clips. The strips of clips are easy to load into the stapler. Once loaded, you can stretch the cable with one hand and apply the clips easily with the other hand.

Now a 3-handed operation has become 2!


Due to the design of these clips, it isn’t possible to over-fire them meaning there is no risk of squashing or damaging the cable. The non-conductive material ensures there is no risk of electric shock in the event of a fault.


Grays Clip Limited have won a few awards already for ViperClip, such as:

  • Awarded Insider Media Dealmakers Award: Private Equity/Venture Capital Deal of the Year
  • Awarded Gold Level Innovator : Dept for the Economy
  • Featured on BBC Dragons’ Den March 2020
  • Overall Winner INVENT 2018
  • Engineering Category Winner INVENT 2018
  • InterTrade Ireland : SEEDCORN Investor Readiness Competition: Special Award Winner 2017-18

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